DANĐN & FESTCAMPER najavljuju jesensku uvertiru sa čak tri gostujuća metal benda

Jesensku uvertiru u DANĐN-u započinjemo s tri gostujuća benda 12.09.2019.

Stižu nam Nexus progresivci iz dalekog Meksika, trenutno su na turneji “The Art Of Affecting Conciousness” po Evropi. Kao uzore navode bendove Riverside, Tool, Opeth, Katatonia, Indukti, Massive Atack, Depeche Mode, Deftones

Svirku će otvoriti Park+Riot – dvojac iz Leipzeiga s pankerskim stavom, stonerskim zvukom i hc energijom. Za njima idu sunarodnjaci The Cake Is A Lie iz Nürnberga koji će užariti atmosferu melodičnim hardcore-om.

Vopi i dalje hladan po cenera, a upad 20kn donacija bendovima.
DIY i nema labavo \m/

Vrata 20:00h
22:00h Park+Riot
22:45h The Cake Is A Lie
23:30h Nexus

With Punk attitude, Stoner Sound and Hardcore Drive the duo screams out their frustration. Frustration about mankind and it’s urge to continuously fuck things up. In their music they express the yearning, that there is still hope for a better life. But they won ´t wait until it ´s happening by accident. They rather want to encourage interference. In terms of music they proof what they believe in – it doesn´t take many to make a difference.

The Cake Is A Lie
Currently, they are working on their first full-length album which will be released in autumn 2019. They are going to present the record on several tours in September, October, November, December 2019 all over Europe and worldwide in 2020. The music can be described as emotional melodic hardcore with the intention of sharing the passion for the music and people. It is more than a concert. It is a lifestyle of creating an environment for people to be themselves without any judgement.

Alternative/progressive metal band from Mexico that was founded in 2004 and combines powerful chords, dark transitions and very good timing. In their 15-year history, they had 3 national tours in 15 cities, playing in major venues and festivals in Mexico, such as the Cervantino Internacional and Force Fest 2015 in Guadalajara, led by the English group Judas Priest. In 2018 they were invited to open the show of the French post-metal band Alcest on their tour of Mexico. For the second time they are part of the Force Fest in Mexico City and share the line-up with legendary bands such as System of a Down, Bush, Asesino, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots and Slayer. 2019 is a good year for Nexus, who opened the show in Guadalajara for one of the most important current progressive bands, Leprous. With 2 studio albums, 3 singles and 4 official videos, they will travel to Europe in August and September to spread their music around the world.

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